Who We Serve

Thornhill Financial manages complex accounting and tax issues across a range of industries. Our clients come from local businesses, regional companies and large corporations in all 50 states, so we apply local, state and federal tax laws on a daily basis. Our advisors can manage and resolve any accounting or tax concern you may face.

Accounting and Tax Expertise for Your Industry

We work with a wide range of businesses and individuals, but our accounting professionals and tax specialists are particularly knowledgable in these areas:

Utility and power companies are continually hit with ever-changing accounting and financial reporting guidelines from the government. We can help you streamline your approach to accounting and make sure you’re always following regulatory processes.

Manufacturing & Distribution Accounting and Taxes

Manufacturing businesses have to account for their raw materials and processing costs, but they also have to work out the value of the finished items they create. Our understanding of manufacturing processes, and the unique accounting and tax requirements you face, allows us to navigate the industry’s complexities for you.

Professional Services Accounting and Taxes

We offer accounting and tax services for software companies, lawyers, real estate firms and other professional service providers. Our team gets to know you and your business to ensure a tailored approach for your exact needs.

Retail Accounting and Taxes

Thornhill Financial has extensive experience working with retail businesses. We are well attuned to the industry processes, including merchandising, distribution, store operations practices, and metrics necessary to effectively run the business. We can easily manage your accounting and tax needs with accuracy and minimal disruption to your business flow.

Small Business Accounting and Taxes

Like you, we’re a local business who understands the many hats small business owners wear. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, Thornhill Financial can help. We devise solutions to get your financial picture in order and keep your business moving in the right direction.

Contact us to request a consultation regarding your personal or business accounting needs. CALL: 440-238-0445

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