Streamline Payroll Management and Focus On Growing Your Business

No two payroll management companies are the same, and many of them make mistakes in reporting, filing and tax withholding that can be detrimental to your employees and your business. At Thornhill Financial, we partner with the best to be able to offer trusted and accurate payroll management from one of the largest and most trusted credit card processors in the world. We follow a strictly defined process that accounts for the complexity of city tax laws to ensure everything is done right and done on time.
Payroll processing anytime, anywhere
Single point of contact
No hidden fees or costs
Unlimited support

Transition Your Payroll Management with Ease

When we partner with your company, we have a secure process to transition you to a cloud-based payroll management platform that ensures you’ll never have to worry about selecting a payroll processor, dealing with errors in payroll processing or reporting tax information.

Integration with Time Card Apps

For companies with 20+ employees, we are able to integrate various time card apps or customized software within the platform for streamlined time tracking.

Cloud-Based HR Management

We are also able to track PTO requests and approval right within the platform.

Digitized New Hire Processes

The platform also allows us to put together a customized new hire process so that all new hires can complete their forms (W-4, IT-4, I-9, etc.) online and have them stored in a central and secure location.

Trusted & Accurate Tax Services

A critical component of payroll management is abiding by complicated IRS tax laws and filing requirements. Our payroll processing

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